Programmatic Media & Advertising

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Our Programmatic Media & Advertising Process

We offer extensive media planning and planning solutions. Take a look at our programmatic media & Advertising process here.

Network Selection

The most important part of programmatic planning is selecting a network that offers support and meets your goals. Our team of experts ensures that networks are fully transparent and offers solutions that maximize budget utilization.

Planning and Strategy

It is important to understand KPIs and plan how to achieve them. To ensure your strategy is heading in the right direction, we work closely with your chosen networks—a simple test, aggressive prospecting, retargeting, or a combination.

Ad-creation & adding a human touch

We offer creative consulting through continuous collaboration with artists & studios. And, programmatic needs a human touch to function properly. Not all platforms offer managed services; a few programs require manual intervention.


Once the campaigns are implemented, we add valuable optimizations and check out the performance on which websites your ads appear, who's seeing your ads, geographical reach & more.

User Analysis

Use granular user data to target users more effectively. With our one-stop programmatic media & advertising company, you can get valuable insights into users' demographic data. You can also use this data to improve your marketing campaigns and focus your budget on what is most effective for your brand.


Our team assists in transparent reporting on how we have met the deliverables. The data should be analyzed consistently with all other search activities, and assess the contribution of programmatic to the overall marketing mix.

Reasons Why Companies Prefer Dizital Connect’s Dedicated Programmatic Teams Over Others
Automate Ads Buying

In 90% of cases, programmatic ad buying relies on real-time bidding, which means only visitors in your target audience will see the ad. Our Programmatic Marketing Analysts will deliver ads accurately based on target options and trading parameters. We utilize AI and MA algorithms to display a particular ad unit to a specific user at the right time. Furthermore, we target specific segments of consumers based on their devices, geolocation, personal interests, and content.

Real-time Measurement and Optimization

Our programmatic advertising experts can understand the ins and outs of each campaign and help you reach the target audience with maximum ROI.

Our team adjusts and optimizes ads in real-time to improve ad performance and monitor ad spending in real-time.

Once the campaign has been launched, our experts measure the effectiveness of the creative campaign and the overall targeting.


Our ad marketers ensure that your message reaches the target audience across all devices; mobile, desktop, tablet, etc. We also provide ongoing support for platform-specific issues, explain new features, and provide best practice tips.

We aim to provide you with end-to-end solutions that will help you take advantage of new technologies and utilize data to better understand your target audience and how they prefer to see advertisements.

Execution and Consultation

You can work with our teams to plan, outline your bids, and make media buying decisions. Our team of experts provides advice and opinion to take full control of your digital marketing strategy.

Our team members are always adaptable and tailor their solutions to meet your needs, including bidding and optimization, helping you to respond to the customers' needs faster.